Who is man’s true friend

Who is man’s true friend

—–Shriram Rai

The question is extraordinary, who is the true companion of man?
Basically this question can be called a spiritual question. Spirituality is not something to be said or talked about. Spirituality is a matter of experience. One who has experienced spirituality remains normal in different circumstances. A Yogi’s body becomes in such a way that it is neither affected by cold nor affected by heat. This is the state achieved through hatha yoga. In the same way, when a person gets hold of self-realization, then there is no difference in the person neither in happiness, nor in sorrow, nor in honor, nor in disgrace. Along with the purification of the body, purification of the soul is absolutely essential. Unless the soul is pure, it is very difficult to decide who is the true companion. Which is the true path? Success can be achieved by obeying the words of which partner? Or on which path can success kiss the feet?
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The human mind is very fickle. It keeps running continuouslyIn the ordinary state, when we sit to meditate, then our mind reaches thousands of kilometers away or gets lost in the surrounding confusion. Doubts begin to arise as to whom to listen to and whom not to listen! Here the soul keeps silently watching the restlessness of the mind. Understanding the silence of the soul is a very difficult task. This sadhna that who is true or who is false can only be understood by a very strict seeker. Hardness does not even mean hatha yoga here. For this we do not even need years of penance in any forest or desert. There was only one companion in the desert, which we call nature. It is a harsh truth that man is a social animal. Man takes various measures to establish himself in the society. For success in these measures, man needs a true partnerIn order to find a true partner, man often becomes a victim of deception. Ultimately he wraps himself in the web of lust, anger, attachment. Such a person is engaged in proving himself to be a true partner of others. Human beings keep running away from each other in search of a true partnerToday, even searching for a pair of Krishna-Sudama is not found. Today the truth is helpless in front of self. In such times, we should trust the conscience. Complete renunciation of lust, anger and greed is necessary for self-purification. There can be no more true companion of man than the soul, because the closeness to God is not of the body but of the soul.
@Sriram Rai, Teacher


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