two types of trees

There are two types of trees in the world.

—Shree ram Roy
A satsang was taking place in a village. Someone asked in the satsang that Babaji, how many types of trees are there in the world? Baba Ji gave a very beautiful answer that there are only two types of trees in the world.
I have seen that the earth is full of different types of trees. Somewhere mango trees are tempting, and somewhere palm trees are found standing with their heads raised. Somewhere one can see beautiful forests laden with Mahua flowers, and somewhere sandalwood beds are seen. But apart from all these, Baba Ji told only two types of trees. I was in a tizzy. I used to live in a state of constant contemplation. Suddenly my old mother asked me why son do you seem worried? Worry kills cleverness. Be smart and stop worrying. I felt like a mother’s words. I stopped paying attention to Babaji’s words. Only a few days had passed that the old father called me near and said that now my son is not well. If you had made me do some pilgrimage, then life would have been successful. Following the orders of my father, I went on a pilgrimage with my parents. On the way, the father kept telling about the rites. His words started touching my heart. He said that believe it or not, believe in one thing. Always avoid arrogance. No one is more foolish than the one who is arrogant. Wisdom also gets destroyed because of pride. Today man deliberately falls into various kinds of troubles due to this reason. The mother also gave her consent to the discourse of the father. Sitting between the two, I felt that both of them are giving me all the pleasures of the world like a Kalpavriksha. While listening to the teachings of the parents, I became convinced on the words of Baba Ji that there are only two types of trees in the world which are known as parents. The happiness and peace that one gets in their shadow is supernatural. Only by serving them one can get pleasant results.
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