Article how to develop good habits

how to develop good habits

When a task is repeated over and over again without any instruction, then it is called habit. Like many people sitting when they see someone standing, then they stand up themselves. Even many people give their seat to a woman just by seeing the train standing. Many people have a habit of cutting off other’s talk in the middle. Many people have a habit of lying. He does not want to lie, but habitually he lies. While many people have a habit of biting their nails, many people also have the habit of practicing yoga in the morning.
There are many such habits. These habits can be mainly divided into two parts. The first can be a good habit and the second can be a bad habit.
Now on distinguishing good and bad here, it can be concluded that such habits which are good for the body and society are good habits. On the contrary, such habits, which cannot be good for the body and society, are called bad habits.
One more thing to be noted here that before understanding good it is very important to understand evil. Some people have a habit of gutka, cigarette etc. Gutka, cigarette lovers give the idea that its consumption brings freshness to the body, and increases efficiency. Now who should explain to such people that the consumption of alcohol also increases the efficiency. When a driver drinks alcohol, then his efficiency increases so much that to cover a distance of two hours in two minutes, he presses the accelerator so much that he reaches the next world directly.
Bad habits throw a man at the door of death. Good habits fill a person with life. Cigarette gutka etc. causes cancer disease. With wealth, the family would also be torn apart.
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Sitting among the elders of the younger ones, not respecting the elders are also bad habits. All these habits are developed by the society. The biggest place is of sanskar. As the culture is given, so is the development. Our country of India has been giving knowledge of rituals since ancient times. Tulsidas also writes in the Ramayana that “Raghunatha wakes up early in the morning, mother father guru nave matha.” In this way the sanskar is received from the parents, from the guru. Nowadays such habits are rarely found. When today’s parents do not fail to prove themselves to be good, then how close will their children be to good habits, it is a questionable question! Good habits come from good people, it’s not like that. A bad person can preach good to anyone. But until he becomes good himself, his activities which are full of evil can be exemplary. For example, the so-called saints who are imprisoned can be taken. For this, first of all, you have to inculcate good habits in yourself. Good habits develop harmony and harmony in the society. When we remove a piece of glass that has fallen on the road or turn off the useless running tap, then if the beholder also makes his behavior in this way for a moment, then goodness starts to be seen in him.
Often when people stumble due to bad habits, then automatically they start adopting good habitsWhen it comes to children, children are like raw soil. In front of them, they should never display bad habits. That is, such behavior should be done in front of children, which leads to the development of a healthy tradition.
Habits, be it good or bad, are obtained from the society. Good habits yield good results. Due to this, the generations to come are cultured and by doing good work in the society, the country and society develop.
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