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Jhulan was the eldest of two brothers and two sisters. His father was famous in the area. But he did not get along with his family members. Had to say MLA and used to walk only on horse, but his world was different. His time was spent at other house more than at home. There was a reason for this too. The wife of the MLA’s wrestler, who had earlier left her husband and became his wrestler’s wife by the grace of the MLA. She was dear to the MLA. Jhulan disliked all this. He was helpless.

One day when Jhulan reached the wrestler’s house and threatened the wrestler to go away from the village, both of them started a scuffle. In the meantime, the sword kept in the corner of Jhulan’s hands hit the hand and he did not see the sword directly on the wrestler’s neck. Gone. Jhulan’s head was severed from the body as soon as he was hit. Jhulan ran away. The MLA got stunned. Ordered the police station to send Jhulan to jail soon. What was it then! Jhulan was caught on the second day. The police caught him in a jeep and started taking him away. The family made lakhs of pleas to the MLA, but the MLA did not listen to him. Then the five children of Jhulan along with Jhulan’s wife fainted crying. He was watching it all with twinkling eyes. Suddenly he decided to run away and after pushing hard on the constable sitting nearby, jumped from the moving jeep and escaped.Jhulan fled and reached Bombay and started working as a helper on a truck.

After two years, when he came home in hiding, his wife Lakshmi gave away all her jewelery and said that it is not right to become a Khalasi by being the son of an MLA. You buy a truck from these jewellery. . Years later, after a settlement with the police, he came to the village from Bombay with a truck. Jhulan became famous as the truck owner in the area. Even if it was, whenever the truck passed by, something or the other would come home. Once he had brought home five sacks of dates.
Here, what did the MLA give protection to the wrestler’s wife, he also started living with her. Jhulan neither wanted to see father nor father Jhulan. Both became staunch opponents of each other. As a result, Jhulan, who used to give his life to make his father win in the election, was defeated this time. The MLA lost the election. Jhulan started bursting firecrackers while distributing a bag full of dates in the whole village.
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(This story is ahead of two dates. Wait for the next series and give your feedback)

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