Heat stroke causes and prevention

Heat stroke
causes and prevention

When the body stops sweating due to excessive heat and the body temperature rises above normal (sometimes close to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), then we call such a condition called heatstroke. Due to heatstroke, the person dies till the death. Nowadays very hot winds are blowing. Due to the exposure of these hot winds, a person can become a victim of heatstroke. Heat stroke can happen at any age – be it an infant or an old person. If the amount of water in the body is not balanced, the body temperature starts rising, the skin becomes dry, heaviness in the head, lips, dry throat, lack of urination etc. are the symptoms of heatstroke.

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By the way, I am completely ignorant of medical science. But my postgraduate subject has been zoology. On the basis of this, I have come to the fact that due to heat in the body, due to more evaporation, there is a loss of water. Due to lack of water in the body, adverse condition arises on blood flow. The work of filtering harmful substances from the body is done by the kidneys. When blood reaches the kidneys, the kidneys filter out harmful substances from the blood, which are passed out of the body in the form of urine. Water plays an important role in this process. The more water remains in the body, the more fluid the blood will hold, and the more easily the kidneys will filter out harmful substances. Due to excessive heat, there is a lack of water in the body. Due to this the amount of urine starts decreasing and there is a load on the kidneys. The color of urine also becomes thick. There is severe pain under the navel. In such a situation, taking a medicine called Alkacitron with water after consulting a doctor provides immediate relief. Due to this urine comes freely and the kidney starts functioning smoothly.
Heat stroke should not be taken lightly. During summer, as soon as a person feels the heat, one should become alert immediately. These days, in case of headache, fever, vomiting, etc., the body should be kept in the coldest possible environment. Mango season is only in summer. After boiling or cooking raw mango, paste of its pulp should be applied all over the body. Cooking raw mango and drinking it after making syrup ends the effect of heatstroke. While going out of the house, a person should take various measures, such as cap, gamchha, umbrella etc. with him. If you keep chewing raw coconut in summer, then the balance of water in the body remains. Due to this, the body also gets sufficient amount of minerals. At the same time, instead of consuming oily foods, fresh fruits like watermelon, melon, grapes, cucumber, orange etc. should be consumed more and more. According to the elders, keeping white onions nearby while going out in the heat, reduces the effect of heat stroke, I cannot fully confirm this. But the consumption of raw onion is very beneficial in the summer season. As far as possible, the consumption of lemon water is very beneficial. Drinking coconut water also reduces the fear of heatstroke. One more thing should be kept in mind that cold water should not be consumed immediately after coming from outside in summer. As far as possible, the consumption of bottled cold drinks etc. should be avoided. ORS solution should be kept with you while going out in heat.
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