sieve to sieve a short story

sieve to sieve
A short story

Ramu has been married for four years. He also has two children. The elder girl is three years old and the younger son is in her arms. Ramu loves his children more than his life. His wife does not get along with her mother-in-law. Ramu used to explain that one should not feel bad about the words of the mother, but she does not agree.

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In the evening everyone was sitting on the terrace that suddenly the mother-in-law started being me in the mother-in-law. Ramu was telling his mother to keep quiet when suddenly Ramu’s wife threw the lap child down from the roof. Everyone came running downstairs, where Ramu’s eyes filled with tears seeing the stream of blood flowing from the child’s mouth. Along with Ramu, his mother’s heart also got sieved. Everyone picked up the child and ran fast to the doctor.
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