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Two Dates a short story
Jhulan’s house is in my neighbourhood. Jhulan was very proud of his five children. Whenever a visitor came to Jhulan’s house, the first thing Jhulan would tell his children was that my eldest daughter was very good at studies. This time she will give matriculation exam. I have made all the arrangements. Efforts are made that the copy should come at home itself, so that she can do better. Saying this, Jhulan would give voice to his eldest daughter. On hearing the call of the father, Shanti would come boastfully and touch everyone’s feet. The swing does not swell.

After that he would continue to say that I hpave two sons(two dates). The pair of both are like diamond and pearl. I am teaching the city to both. Both have gone to the city this morning. In two to four days, they keep coming and going home, so that the sanskars are maintained. After all, where is the culture of the village found in the city! And two daughters are small. Now both of them have been sent to study at the city babu who came to the neighborhood. Knowledge of two or four letters of English will be done from now on, then marriage will take place in good homes.

After this Jhulan would start narrating his story to the visitor that I am not educated but give knowledge to the good. Showing the old junked truck standing in front of the house, he said that he earned a lot from it. When that was on the streets, not only the pocket but also the house was full. What to say about potatoes and onions, once he had brought five sacks of dates. distributed among the whole villagers.
I am not saying all this just like that. I have proof of this too. Jhulan would give a loud voice while saying – “Dear”. As soon as the cutie appeared, he would start flaunting the mustache.

This is my mistress. Lakshmi of my houseWhatever I am today is the grace of Lakshmi. She himself said that by staying on the truck, the addiction of ganja liquor will go on increasing and the danger of life and property is different. Tomorrow, I am sitting next to you after weighing the kutty of twenty kilograms, falling on my feet, otherwise I would have stayed in the shop. No one even asks you for water when I am not there. Saying this, Jhulan ordered the beloved to welcome the guest with a lot of cold water and if the dates are left then two dates.

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